Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Changing the world: Python and XML

Although I have occasionally used Python and I program in C++ 100% of time, if I were to rule the world I would issue an ultimatum to all programming languages to conform to Python syntax within 5 years after which all backward compatibility will be dropped! Python offers a terse human readable syntax.

Now for a verbose machine readable syntax which is still very human friendly, I would choose XML. So again, Latex gets five years to confom to Python (terse) or XML (verbose) or both flavors.

The idea is that we can keep on complicating things in the pretext of simplifying them.

For example, for all publishing needs we can rely on Python and XML syntax, syntax highlighting text editors (Vim for shell and Geany for GUI), PNG format for images and bzip2 to package all the stuff in a single file ready to be dispatched to a printer or a projector via a rendering application. This can unify and simplify hardware, software and application design.

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