Thursday, April 25, 2013

DRM in HTML5! Defective by Design

It's funny, sad and not-so-surprising to witness corruption creeping into W3C ( that proposes password protection to media content like audio and video clips.

Dear W3C, if you want to facilitate encryption of contents of HTMLMediaElement, isn't it a good idea to extend it further to <script> element?

Take action NOW!

 Dear W3C,

Please extend content protection to propitiatory JavaScript code also.

I've written excellent JavaScript based rendering and interaction libraries which I'm hesitant to share because my JavaScript content will not be protected under current standards. If I could meter the usage of my JavaScript code the world would benefit from my libraries and I, as the creator, would benefit by charging the users of my libraries. Millions of people like me are not sharing useful JavaScript code because of the fear that someone will copy it and share it for free. Are we not artists? Are we not original creators? Do we not deserve source of livelihood? 

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